Gold Standard Drug Database

Application Programming Interface

The Gold Standard Drug Database (GSDD) is an integrated drug database and clinical decision support engine that delivers the most current and accurate clinical decision support, drug product and package data, images, pricing, professional monographs and patient education leaflets via a single Application Programming Interface (API).

The GSDD API is designed to provide real-time clinical decision support to end users who are ordering medications, dispensing medications, adjudicating prescription claims, auditing prescription claims, analyzing medication data, and evaluating drug therapies.

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The GSDD API has two main parts, an authentication/authorization API (GSDD Auth API) and a Web access API (GSDD Web API).


The GSDD Auth API provides temporary authentication / authorization (auth) credentials for the GSDD Web API.


The GSDD Web API provides access to the Gold Standard Drug Database. Prior to calling this API you will need to obtain an AccessToken by calling the GSDD Auth API.

Customer Technical Support

If you have any questions regarding GSDD technical issues, contact Elsevier/Gold Standard Customer Care via any of the following options:


Phone: +1 866-344-2088

Sales and Licensing

For more information regarding GSDD sales, licensing, or for more information about any of our Gold Standard products, please contact an Elsevier/Gold Standard Account Manager or Sales Associate via any of the following options:


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